Canfield Solitaire

  • Description
    • A fun solitaire game with the Canfield rules.
  • Instructions
    • At the start A card is placed in the foundation - all suits have to be built in ascending order, starting with that card.
      For instance: if the starting card is 9 the foundation should be built as 9,10,J,Q,K,A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.
      The last card from the reserve column moves to the base automatically when a base column is empty.
      You can place a card on Another card if the card is smaller than the other card by one and the suit is alternating.
      You can place K on A.
      Also, you can move several cards at once.
      You can place any card or sequence of cards on an empty base column.
      Use the mouse to double click or drag the cards.

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